Question by  fatkid (105)

What should I expect from an ultrasound of a dogs adrenal gland?

My dog is having an ultrasound of her adrenal gland.


Answer by  kasey1720 (169)

The ultrasound could be checking the size and shape of the glands. Abnormalities can signify serious diseases, such as Cushing's disease. Consult with your vet for the final result.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Expect this not to run smooth. Adrenal glands are not easy to locate even with an ultra sound. Plus added that dogs are sensitive to high pitched sounds if not put under your dog may experience some slight discomfort.


Answer by  lovelife (998)

The ultrasound will be able to show the veterinarian if the adrenal gland is enlarged, swollen or inflammed. It is a simple procedure, however your dog may be sedated to make the process easier.


Answer by  Jennifer76 (128)

The adrenal gland is responsible for cortisol production. Any problem with the gland can result in diseases like Addison's, and cushings. The ultrasound with be looking for any abnormalties like a tumor. If found, most specialists will be able to operate to remove a tumor.


Answer by  pappu (170)

Adrenal glands are hard to find on the ultrasound. They are less than 1mm thick and hide the fat next to the aortha and caudal vena cava. The abdominal vessels are the exact lanmarks to see the adrenal gland. They are relatively fixed in position, and can guide you to the region.

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