Question by  snugglesrn (26)

How much food should I give my puppy?

I have a new puppy and have no idea how much to feed him.


Answer by  jenred66 (8)

Depending on the food, the amount is based on the dog's weight. There should be a chart on the puppy food bag that tells you how much to feed. If you still have questions, call your vet.


Answer by  tamthompson (53)

You should feed puppies 3-4 times a day if they are 6-8 weeks old. Reduce feeding to twice a day for puppies 3 months to a year old.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

The amounts of food required depend on the puppy's breed. Call your vet for guidance on this - they're the professionals.


Answer by  Genuine (26)

Feed them as same as babies three times a day^^ Or ask a vet for more things^^ Best of luck!!


Answer by  MizA (42)

Start by asking the breeder, petstore or pound how much the puppy ate while in their care. Also, you can ask your vet.

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