Question by  qrtrhrskid (20)

Should I be concerned that my dog's feces is green?


Answer by  Anonymous

If it is watery and green, be alarmed. The dog has diarrhea and should be a cause of concern. Prolonged diarrhea can cause malnutrition. Change the diet first and observe for a few days. If symptoms persist, bring to the vet immediately.


Answer by  Als (29)

The common cause of green feces in dogs is grass. Often dogs eat grass when they have an upset stomach. It's usually not a cause for great concern.


Answer by  Spazman667 (259)

The fact your dog's feces is currently green is nothing to be too alarmed about unless this has been occurring for quite a while and just randomly started to happen. Green feces could come from a variety of reasons such as a new diet or maybe he or she has been eating a large amount of grass.


Answer by  rmahoney1097 (98)

Certain foods can be a cause of green stool. Milk, or allergy induced post nasal drip can be harmless causes. On a more serious note it could be salmonella, intestinal disease, or a few other serious things. If the problem persists contact your vet.

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