Question by  Caitlin (52)

What are some signs of medical problems in Jack Russell terriers?


Answer by  Max82 (270)

Medical problems of all types can arise, monitor your pet for lethargy and stomach upset. Even something that seems as innocent as itching can signify a problem.


Answer by  simba (187)

If your Jack Russell terrier develops a lump on his face, it could be due to an impacted tooth. Lumps located on other parts of the dog's body are often just fatty tumors but they should be examined or removed to test for cancer.


Answer by  rogera (788)

Jack rusell terriers have many health problems, allergies, breathing problems, seizures, and epilepsy are some of them.These dogs can adapt to any climate but do not do good chained up.


Answer by  Symptoms (5)

1. if you hear her wheezing when she breathes, explore the possibility of Cardiomyopathy 2. If your terrier appears wobbly on her feet or disoriented from time to time, Cerebellar ataxia is a neurological disorder the cause. 3. Lens luxation is eye disease,eye will look red or opaque, treatment avoids blindness


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

You could have leg problems or pain, difficulty in walking, all caused by hip displacia or other issues due to inbreeding. Other problems are just what dogs have- stomach pain, vomiting, etc caused by nutritional problems or eating too quickly and throwing up, ingesting things they shouldn't, etc. Jack Russell's chase, root and tear things up.

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