Question by  KingHaggard (32)

What can you tell me about keratin feathers scales in dogs?

My dog appears to have scales.


Answer by  Princessteagy (62)

Scale in dogs are most often due to dry skin or stress. Best treatment would be to give an oatmeal bath once a week and give fish oil capsules.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

When the pads of dogs paws appear to have keratin feathers and scales, a dog groomer is the best bet for an uncostly treatment.


Answer by  JaenieF (153)

This is often a symptom of an allergic reaction to food. Have you recently switched dog food brands? Has your dog been scratching or chewing on his skin?


Answer by  montree (354)

Keratin Feathers scales appear on the bottom of dogs paws. Groomers usually would notice the problem and provide you with over the counter cream to help with this condition.


Answer by  Buster (17)

Could be due to chemicals the dog might walk on or a number of conditions including yeast infections, diet lacking zinc, or an autoimmune disorder. Contact vet if it persists.

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