Question by  ChristianBennion (80)

Why does my dog have fluid under her neck?


Answer by  BlueCollarBri (118)

You should take your dog to the vet soon cuz there are lots of things that can cause fluid under the neck. My Alphie had an antibiotic cause this type of thing and vet said it was a side effect. Oh hey it could be yours has an abcessed tooth.

Reply by burrista (1):
My dog got bumped by a car. We took her to the vet and as a less expensive option, the vet prescribed her with antibiotics and pain medicine. 2 days later this soft lump of fluid appeared on the left side of her neck. Hope it the anitbiotic. Thank you!  add a comment

Answer by  ClaudiaD (136)

My pup had that problem and it turned out that her salivary glands were blocked and leaking. The vet lanced and drained the area and she had to take some antibiotic meds for about 10 days but everything is fine now. It could be what is wrong with your dog.


Answer by  JoeyT (78)

Spider and bee bites can cause any area on a canine to swell including the neck. Some of these insects have venom which will create pus under the skin. This can be treated with benadryl at a dosage of 25 mg for every 20 pounds of weight every 8 hours.

Reply by MusicalKate (109):
My kitty got a red ant bite here and had swelling and fluid from it so that could be another bite that would cause fluid on a dog.  add a comment

Answer by  Mbphillips (0)

My dog had a small hole< like a puncture wound in his neck. my wife wash him and tried squeezing and now it is filled with a liquid. what is it???

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