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Is it true that polygraphs are not accurate?

posted by  lois(22)

How many calories equal 1 pound?

posted by  rscracker(47)

How many square feet does one gallon of paint cover?

posted by  emon(27)

What gauge of wire is best to use for a home stereo system?

posted by  woody(65)

How deep is a refrigerator?

posted by  mahendran(36)

How do you know what size dehumidifier to get?

posted by  ruthy40t(11)

How should I measure curtains for a bow window?

posted by  hbackman(50)

What are the track and field lane dimensions?

posted by  WeaselTheGeek(22)

Are digital scales more accurate than analog scales?

posted by  Gus6(13)

Is there any good way to weigh yourself without a scale?

posted by  mdzzz17(99)

What is the size of a ping pong ball?

posted by  Bee(14)

What percentage of lung nodules are cancer?

posted by  tomovskit(14)

Are there some smaller crock pots on the market?

posted by  ushudno76(35)

What is the measurement of a cord of wood?

posted by  val(95)

What is the area in square meters of a triangle sail?

posted by  Didi65(60)

What should I consider when buying a storage shed?

posted by  spliffy(56)

What are the common zipper widths?

posted by  Anonymous

How much fuel injector cleaner do you put in a Honda Civic?

posted by  micahkl(25)

Who invented the first intelligence test?

posted by  worker7794(53)

What is the correct proportion of chandelier to table?

posted by  Guhan(15)

What are the normal CRL measurements?

posted by  topwrench(20)

What are the size limits for carry-on luggage?

posted by  Chrissy(16)

How high should a badminton net be?

posted by  bludenim(17)

How much to mattresses weigh?

posted by  simply(23)

What is the size of an elephant's brain?

posted by  TejasWoman(300)

How can I convert cubic feet of dirt into yards or tons?

posted by  Anonymous

How much does an elephant weigh?

posted by  klmake136(19)

What size gravel do I use for a Japanese garden?

posted by  eamuscatuli(80)

What are the highest SAT scores?

posted by  Karen813(19)

Which is bigger, a kb or mb?

posted by  JimB(13)

What is the distance of easement to properties?

posted by  allenclose(30)

What is the width of football goal posts?

posted by  Nona(16)

How does a refractometer work?

posted by  Baimer(19)

Is there such a thing as an 8-ounce drinking glass?

posted by  worker3346(13)

Is my 2 year old smart?

posted by  subramanian(18)

What are the size 12 measurements?

posted by  Shelley66(108)

How do you measure a man's jacket for fit?

posted by  Mlh1981(25)

What is the size of the Vaio Micro PC?

posted by  cmolmen(35)

How big is a queen sized day bed?

posted by  brado76(167)

What is the temperature of all the planets?

posted by  tdf535(15)

What are the standard garage door sizes?

posted by  Liz54(103)

what is the adult weight of a harlequin rabbit?

posted by  Anonymous

How long is an inch?

posted by  George69(17)

How do I convert milligrams to grams?

posted by  hanaalami(30)

How do you measure dirt?

posted by  Lucy(40)

How much room do you need for a ping pong table?

posted by  pholios(20)

How do they measure a colon polyp?

posted by  cdbyrd89(17)

What is the size of a basketball court?

posted by  Tom(17)

What is an average IQ number?

posted by  Rachel58(30)

How does a thermocouple work?

posted by  Corwin(38)

How do you find the cubic feet of a refrigerator?

posted by  TimRogers(34)

How do you measure your bra size?

posted by  dhwoow(15)

Is there such a thing as a poodle weight or growth chart?

posted by  mathew(16)

How many logs are in a cord?

posted by  Brenda Hale(43)

How many grams in a teaspoon?

posted by  aslesh(15)

How do you convert centimeter to millimeter?

posted by  rhelt(461)

What is the standard garage size?

posted by  maximino(26)

What is the diameter of a regulation sized softball?

posted by  Gunaccbe(13)

How do you convert grams to cups?

posted by  Lauren(56)

How much area does one mulch bag cover?

posted by  Charlotte32(214)

How can I figure out the radius for a 12 foot circle?

posted by  thepaddlegal(24)

What is the regulation carry on luggage size?

posted by  Robyn(12)

How do you convert cubic feet to square feet?

posted by  dad2crue(55)

How big are Honeywell tower fans?

posted by  dave90(63)

What is the area of each MLB outfield only?

posted by  kahare(6)

How many steps in a mile?

posted by  Holmes(18)

What is the meaning of a BUN to creatinine ratio?

posted by  vinothay(4)

How do you convert U.S. hat sizes to European sizes?

posted by  beneto(7)

What instrument is used to find the mass of an object?

posted by  waskasoo(471)

How many ounces are in a pint?

posted by  eigna9187(16)

How big is the DeLonghi panini maker?

posted by  QueedlyMcShane(205)

How do you measure mitre angles?

posted by  Richard88(391)

How many hours of television do you watch per week?

posted by  worker49(37)

What are the illegitimacy rates in the US?

posted by  TxBluEyes(34)

How do you measure a bike size?

posted by  shereenskola(2)

What is the measurement of a super king size bed?

posted by  SoccerIsLife(25)

How do they measure elevation?

posted by  Marinko(19)

How is a balance used to measure mass?

posted by  foo(23)

How many items are in a gross?

posted by  Kirthi(20)

What is the average weight of a house?

posted by  abinesh(17)

What is the per ounce calorie content of wine?

posted by  trynzh(72)

What are the maximum dimensions for carry-on luggage?

posted by  livetodream34(19)

What is the standard length of golf clubs?

posted by  crepuscular(18)

What is the purpose of a turbidity measurement?

posted by  Juicy(14)

How much does a weight lifting bar weigh?

posted by  Shannah(28)

What is the length and width of a square acre?

posted by  FunGuy(35)

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