Question by  senegaulois (139)

How should I measure myself to pick the right size of mountain bike?


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

The main consideration would be your inseam measurement. This along with your height will give you the range of bike frames to explore. Most good mountain bikes can be and should be adjusted to fit you personally. It would also be a good idea to go into several bike stores and ask the clerks to assist you. Take your time.


Answer by  sonyacarlson (695)

The easiest way is try out the bike. You should be able to hold onto the handlebars, straddle the bar, and have your feet firmly on the ground. You could measure your inseam, subtract 2 inches, and that would be the frame size.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

You're going to want to try on the bike physically, not just measure your inseam or leg length. When you straddle the bike a good rule of thumb is that the bike should be able to lift the bike up about 5 inches without hurting yourself.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Start by measuring your inseam. Subtract 13. This will give you a rough idea of the frame size your looking for.


Answer by  Josh41 (113)

In order to find the right size mountain bike, you will need to measure your inseam, that is the length of inner seam of your pants. You also should be able to comfortably stand over the top tube of the bike with both feet flat on the ground.


Answer by  martin (522)

Measure the distance between your crotch and the ground. You'll want to choose a bike where the crossbar height is just below this distance.


Answer by  stevenmiller065 (41)

When standing, an appropriate height for bicycle size should be chosen based on achieving the highest comfortable distance between the bicycle frame and the crotch of the person for whom the bicycle is.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Mountain bikes sizes are measured from the crank's center to the seat-post-top-of-frame. Your-mountain-bike-frame should be about: 12" (10" to 14") shorter than your-inseam-length; or subtract 33" from your-height-in-inches, and divide-by-two.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, just measure yourself and let the customer service associate help you into finding the right size. Generally, you want to feel comfortable on the bike.

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