Question by  Pooja (74)

How do you calculate the mileage between Los Angeles and New York City?


Answer by  chrischris (25)

Go to google maps. Click get directions. Type in Los Angeles for the origination and New York for the destination. The resulting directions will display how many miles.


Answer by  vfisher (345)

There are many different ways to calculate the distance between New York City and Los Angeles. On the internet you could perform a Mapquest Direction which will give the distance. Other ways would be to order a TripTik from AAA, or calculate the distance by using a Road Atlas.


Answer by  trigonometry (668)

For a direct line distance you can use a map, measure the distance on the map and convert it according to the map's scale into miles. Alternatively and for more precise measures you can use one of the online rout planning servers. Google maps offers such a service and provides detailed information on the distance also for alternative routes.


Answer by  sc1234 (1319)

One of the easiest ways to calculate the mileage between Los Angeles and New York City is to put both addresses in Google Maps and see what it gives you.


Answer by  CookieB (56)

There are many ways to get calculate the mileage between any two long distance destinations. The first is to go online. Best suggestions include Google and AAA. Another way to get mileage between the west and east coast of the US is to check with the airlines you are flying.

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