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Question by  tomovskit (14)

What percentage of lung nodules are cancer?

I have been told I have nodules.


Answer by  waltmont (23)

About 40% are cancerous. Keep in mind that of that 40%, most are not caught in the early stages. There is great debate whether early non aggressive lung cancer needs treatment (other than constant monitoring. Sometimes the treatment can be worse than the disease. Also, many small malignant nodules can be removed without invasive surgery.


Answer by  jeff24 (55)

There is no actual percentage of the lung nodules that are cancerous. However the larger a lung nodule is, the more of a chance of it being cancerous. Large nodules sometimes require a CT or PET scan or a biopsy.


Answer by  Jon44 (87)

There is no defined percentage of nodules that are cancerous versus non-cancerous without definitive testing. Health habits generally define better what percent chance you may have cancerous nodules.


Answer by  patgue2001aolcom (27)

The chances that a lung nodule is cancerous or maybe in the future become cancerous is about 70%. You need to keep a close eye on this via CT scans and possible PET scans in order to determine if there is any metabolic activity (cancer) in the rest of your body.


Answer by  pamnyogi (159)

I don't believe that there is a foolproof way to tell a specific percentage of this,because each individual's body reacts just alittle bit different. I would say that I wouldn't be convinced either way unless I had a biopsy. I am quite sure 'statistics can be quoted, but proof is in the pudding.


Answer by  sara99 (851)

Every day that you have active cancer the number of cells double. If you have one cell today, tomorrow you have two and next day you have four. Once treated that number will go back down.

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