Question by  Tom (17)

What is the size of a basketball court?

I want to build one in my house.


Answer by  BasketballNut (24)

There are 3 standard sizes for basketball courts. The size of a NBA and College court is 94'X50' - High School Court is 84'X50' - Middle School Court is 74'X42'.


Answer by  Hazard407 (18)

Basketball courts vary in size depending on what league they are used for. The official size for a NBA court is 94 feet long and 50 feet wide. Same goes for a NCAA size court. A high school basketball court is 10 feet shorter, but has the same length. Jr High is 74 feet long and 42 feet wide.


Answer by  Gummo (20)

According to NBA rule No. 1, a full-size NBA basketball court has an "optimum width" of 50 feet and "optimum length" of 94 feet. Curiously, these dimensions are demanded exactly with "shall" language like other measurements are--e.g.: the distance from the face of the backboard to the free throw line.


Answer by  v8time81 (26)

The maximum length a regulation basketball court can be is 94 feet. A regulation court can be slightly smaller as well though with many high school and college basketball courts being 84 ft in length. The overall width of a regulation basketball court is 50 ft from sideline to sideline.


Answer by  Anonymous

probably about 6 whole meters wide and 13 meters long for the nfl and ncaa is like 100 feet or something. did i mention im a basketball specialist? Go Minnesota Timberbears!! And the Chicago Bills!

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