Question by  Gus6 (13)

Are digital scales more accurate than analog scales?

I want to purchase a new bathroom scale.


Answer by  krenhoek (35)

I believe that analog scales give us less information than digital scales do. An analog display tends to waver with weight shifts. Digital scales that I have seen give you more refined results, such as "120.4" as opposed to just "120". Also, many models retain the display for a minute or so after you get off the scale.


Answer by  renzy222 (7)

In terms of measurements you'll be taking, it will make next to no difference whether you use analogue or digital scales. The inaccuracy in either will be insignificant. Technically the analogue scales will give you a more precise answer, but won't necessarily be any more accurate than digital ones. If you want new scales, get ones that look pretty.


Answer by  MrStargate (38)

If you are buying a new digital scale, it should be more accurate than the old style analog scales. As with any scale, you should read the owners manual to assure it is properly calibrated from time to time.


Answer by  oddflash (902)

Digital bathroom scales for the most part are not more accurate than analog scales. They are however easier to read.


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

A good digital scale is more accurate then a good analog scale. Analogs can become off on there setting, and even if they're perfect the result is up for interpretation.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

This depends on the sensitivity. Some digital scales only measure in pounds or even increments over one pound. Analog scales can be set to tenths of a pound.


Answer by  PhonePerson (120)

Yes. A digital scale, as the name implies, uses digital means to assess your weight, while an analog scal relies on mechanical means to find your weight. Therefore, the digital scale is the much better option.

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