Question by  WeaselTheGeek (22)

What are the track and field lane dimensions?


Answer by  trackstar (24)

The International competition committee governs that the track lanes are 48 inches in width for both pro and NCAA track competitions. For high schools the track lanes are 42 inches in width. The length of the lanes varies with lane 1 being 400m in length and lane 8 being 454m in length.


Answer by  evosirch72 (138)

Track and field lanes vary on the lane which you are running in. The first lane is 400m and with each lane after an additional 7m is added to each of the lanes.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Usually both International and NCAA track and field lane dimensions are 48 inches but these can vary within an inch or two and are not standard.


Answer by  hany209209 (43)

As determined by IC committee, the track lane dimensions should be forty eight inches in width.This is a little bit smaller for high schools, where it is only forty two inches. They differs according to the lane that you run in. The first one is four hundred meters and after wards an additional 7m is added.


Answer by  amalcolm7369 (48)

For both Internation and for NCAA, the track and field lane dimensions are 48 inches. For high school, the dimensions are 42 inches. The length of lane 1 should be 400 metres and lane 8 should be 454 metres.


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

Well they are usually 4 feet wide and depending on the race you are going to run they might be 1000 meters or 400 meters. It all depends though what they are.


Answer by  bill14 (308)

The standard width of the lanes on a running track is set by the IAAF. The IAAF has established that lane width will be forty-eight inches. There are exceptions however, and some tracks are constructed with lane widths of forty-two inches.


Answer by  cecil (61)

The dimensions for pro or NCAA the regulations state that the width is 48 inches. The length in lanes is different with lane 1 being 400m and lane 8 454m.

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