Question by  Bee (14)

What is the size of a ping pong ball?


Answer by  Pete84 (41)

According to the International Table Tennis Federation, the ball shall be spherical with a diameter of 40 mm (1. 575 inches), and a weight of 2. 7g. It shall be made of celluloid (or similar) plastic, and colored white or orange.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

The size of a ping pong ball is 40 mm diameter (international standard size). Large ball table tennis uses a 44 mm diameter balls, which slows the game down considerably.


Answer by  itsmeagain (177)

Ping pong balls average 40 mm or 1. 57 inches. The ball weighs 2. 7 grams. The volume of a ping pong ball is 32000pi/3 mm cubed.


Answer by  sgomez (33)

Ping pong ball sizes have changed over the years. These balls used to measure 38mm in diameter, but this has changed recently and now the balls are 40mm.


Answer by  JonathanELopez (17)

The new international standard size for a table tennis (ping pong) ball is 40mm diameter. Now 40mm is 1. 58 inches.


Answer by  PZ (1206)

The International Table Tennis Association specifies that the regulation size for a ping pong ball is 40 millimeters in diameter. Unless you are playing in a tournament, however, the precise size of the ball you use is not likely to be an issue.


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