Question by  Mlh1981 (25)

How do you measure a man's jacket for fit?

My husband never seems to get a good fit.


Answer by  jamesjones77 (51)

Using a cloth measure tape, measure your husbands chest/shoulder area, over the arms, at its largest point. When you discover the measurement, you must take the number and subtract six or seven from it. This will be the jacket size that fits him best.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

First the silhouette. The wrong shape jacket will never fit well. Then the shoulders and collar. The lapels should lay flat, not gape open. Then the vent in the back (don't want it pulling open). Then the overall length which depends on the style. Do him a favor and get measured by a tailor in a good men's store.


Answer by  askmen5 (15)

The most effective way is to literally bring your husband to the store and let him try some on. If you are shopping by yourself,a good way to make sure what you're buying will fit him is to try on one of his jackets or clothing at home then go out and match them with the jackets from the store.


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

Measuring a man's jacket for fit is to see to the length of ones shoulder. Measure your shoulderblade from left to right that is enough


Answer by  scariapj (346)

By using an inch measuring tape,generally used by the tailors , we can take the exact measurement of the cloth and after stitching it wear it ,seems to be fit.


Answer by  narenmmk (29)

We Can Measure With Help Of Tape. At Time Of Measuring Wrap The Tape Tightly, Stand Straight Give A Normal Posture During Measuring Do These Step Make An Perfect Jacket

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