Question by  Rizwan (2)

how to calculate welding electrodes for pipes, steel structures and what is the standard?

for fabrication of any steel structure and piping work.......


Answer by  boonjax (205)

I've seen some excel sheets on the web that will give you the answer in a jiffy. Hunt around for them or ask a good welders forum - there are pros who crunch the numbers for you and spew out the answers online!


Answer by  wonderman (201)

i remember this formula: P= WL / E where: P is the Pounds of electrode or wire that is required W is the Weight per foot of weld metal L is the Length of weld in feet and E is the Deposition efficiency

Reply by icyblue (236):
The weight per foot of the weld metal depends of 4 things
1. Area of the cross-section of the weld. 2. Length of the weld. 3. Volume of the weld in cubic inches. 4. Weight of the weld metal per cubic inch. Hope that helps!  add a comment

Answer by  jmohd (1)

Wan are you from KST. If yes, can contect me, abang

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