Question by  Cocoa (32)

How can I go about determining the number of gallons of a fish tank?


Answer by  kmac (235)

You need to take the measurements (in inches) of your fish tank. Multiply the height by the width by the depth and then divide by 231. Example: a 10" X 20" X 12" fish tank would be 10.39 US gallons (10x20x12=2400 / 231 = 10.39).


Answer by  EL (23)

To determine the gallons of water in a fish tank, use a one gallon jug as follows. Fill the jug with water and transfer into the empty fish tank. Repeat the process until the tank is full. The number of times the jug was refilled equals the number of gallons.


Answer by  Ed209 (18)

For an aquarium with straight sides, measure the dimensions with a tape if these are unknown, then convert the volume found to gallons. For smaller and irregular tanks, weigh the tank before and after it is full, converting the weight of the water to gallons using its known density.


Answer by  Fishtales (373)

Make sure the fish tank is empty and begin by pouring in gallon buckets of water in the tank. Keep a careful count of how many buckets of water you are pouring in. When you reach the top and remember your count, that is how many gallons your fish tank has.


Answer by  Landjet (19)

For a rectangular tank, measure (in inches) the tank's three sides to where you expect the water level to be. This will give you length, width, and height. Multiply the length x width x height. Divide that number by 1728. Take that number and multiply it by 7.47 and you will have the volume in US gallons.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Compute the volume of the tank by taking its linear measurements. Use the measurements in the formula for volume appropriate to the shape of the tank. The simplest formula is for a retangular tank: multiply the height x width x length. Measure in inches -- 1 gallon = 230.99999 cu in.

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