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Question by  Kishore (17)

What does it mean if I have colds and am sneezing a lot?

It seems like I have colds for months on end and I am always sneezing.


Answer by  phaulo (16)

you're having a symptoms of flu or a fever. A viral infection may cause to it, or maybe you're having a sinusitis if the symptoms are already months or more.


Answer by  ApprenticeJenn (959)

A cold that lasts more than a week is usually an allergy or sinus infection. With the sneezing, I suspect you are suffering from allergies. Try taking an over-the-counter medication for sneezing or alleries and see if you have any relief. If you don't get any relief, check with yor doctor.


Answer by  TrishWebber (72)

If you are sneezing a lot and have what seems to be a cold for months and months at a time you may actually be suffering from allergies. You should go see your doctor and request to be tested for common allergens. Then your provider can direct you to appropriate treatment.


Answer by  Mrscmrn (1449)

Colds that seem to last for months at a time should be evaluated by your physician. Colds generally do not last for months. Frequent sneezing and cold like symptoms could be a result of allergies. If your family doctor is not able to diagnose this, one could go see an allergist who may be able to help with your symptoms.


Answer by  heyjude (37)

It could be that your immune system is run down or you could have allergies. Allergies seem to display the same symptoms as a cold.


Answer by  bash (1026)

You have allergic Rhynitis. Detect yourself when your sneezing is at its climax. People having dust allergy have this complaint. Cover your nose with a kerchief when you are moving through a dusty place, while handling the old cloth etc. Try to avoid taking cold food items, especially icecream. Gradually you can find out the cause for your sneezing.

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