Question by  kctaxlady (187)

My son is 3 years old and has a fever and a rash - what could be wrong?

He has been running a fever for 24 hours and just developed the rash.


Answer by  dcameron1021 (104)

If he has recently gotten immunizations the fever and rash could be a side effect. If not a fever could mean he might be getting sick. The rash could mean he has eaten, touched, or been around something he is allergic to. The first thing to check is to see if he is breathing without trouble.


Answer by  coco95 (234)

You should take your son to a clinic as soon as you can. Fever and a rash could be a sign of chicken pox, measles, allergies or other serious illnesses.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

Strep throat usually consists of a fever and can also cause a rash in some children. Mild allergic reactions may also cause a low grade fever and similar symptoms. Minor reactions to poison ivy, oak, and other plants may result not only in a rash but a fever as well. If more symptoms develop or they worsen, see your doctor.


Answer by  Leverenz (41)

Your son may have the chicken pox or he could be allergic to something that he either ate or used.


Answer by  cleanfreak (13)

It could be Roseola. My eighteen month old had a fever that lasted about twenty-four hours with a stuffy-runny nose. The next day he developed this bright red rash all over his arms and trunk (eventually going down to his legs and feet). They were flat, tiny red dots. It didn't bother him at all.


Answer by  Joy91 (35)

His rash could be the result of the fever itself or could be something more systemic. You didn't mention other symptoms. Best bet to consult physician.

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