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Question by  twinsline (41)

What causes a bloated stomach?

My stomach feels bloated most of the time.


Answer by  jngonnella (45)

It is possible that your diet is causing gas problems which may feel like a bloated stomach. There are certain foods that are notorious for causing gas, including beans, broccoli, cabbage, pears, apples and milk. Carbonated drinks and certain alcoholic drinks may cause the same problem. There are products in your local pharmacy to help with this condition.


Answer by  soothsayer (500)

Commonest cause of abdominal bloating is acid-peptic disease. Type A personality,irregular food habits,consumption of spicy foods are some of the etiological factors causing this. Spectrum inculdes simple gastritis to gastric/duodenal ulcerations to rarely gastric cancer. Life style modification is the first step towards it's prevention.


Answer by  MAHE (28)

Constipation is found to be one of the most important cause of bloated stomach. Food with high fibre content as well as high fat content may lead to bloating. This may be also due to the presence of too low acid content in stomach. The gas released during the digestion of food may also cause bloating.


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

There are many causes. If you are too big in your middle but nowhere else, it could be a liver condition or simply middle age. Otherwise it could simply be too much gas. Hope this helps.


Answer by  NurseB (513)

Most likely a bloated stomach is the result of trapped gases. Increasing fluid intake will aid in digestion and absorption.


Answer by  ttock (75)

Gas in the body usually causes a bloated stomach. Also eating food such as cheese and milk or any kind of dairy product causes this.

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