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Question by  Devendra (11)

Are dizziness and pregnancy related?

I am dizzy a lot and was wondering if that means I am pregnant.


Answer by  Qwitzon (578)

Dizziness can be a sign of pregnancy. But, not usually in the first month. The other symptoms-- nausea and darkening of the nipples-- come first. Dizziness can accompany ovulation and hormonal shifts related to becoming fertile if you have been infertile. It is a natural effect of some treatments and can be a positive sing in that regard.


Answer by  HadaBaby (66)

It is possible to become dizzy while you are pregnant. However, it is not a clear indicator of pregnancy. Other symptoms, such as missing a period, breast tenderness or growth or fatigue are more reliable indicators. If you are experiencing these, it is advisable to take a test. If you are not pregnant, seek other sources of your dizziness.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

Dizziness does have the possibility of being connected with pregnancy; however, it is not a sure sign of the condition. Better indicators are nauseation and a missed menstrual cycle. If you are concerned that you might be pregnant, the best thing to do would be take a pregnancy test or see a doctor to find out for sure.


Answer by  ashley2010 (12)

Well being dizzy dont actually say you are pregnant. However, when i was pregnant I fainted once. The doctor said it was because I stood up too quickly.


Answer by  babyhelp (32)

Dizziness has many causes, so go see a doctor. It's safest not to just assume you're pregnant. There are usually many other pregnancy symptoms, but pregnancy can cause dizziness because your body has more work to do. There is more blood to pump around, and your blood pressure may change.


Answer by  jaime24 (744)

If you are pregnant you could experience dizzy spells. That is a pregnancy symptom. Due to hormonal changes and blood shifts.

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