Question by  nurulhutha (8)

What could be causing a lower back rash?

The rash is only on my lower back.


Answer by  omar1deb (14)

A conflicting detergent, or fabric softener can swell skin and make it sensitive to a tight waist band that will cause itching and discomfort.


Answer by  bo (874)

The rash could be caused by sweat or an allergic reaction to new soap or detergent. Make sure to clean the area and let it air out.


Answer by  Isidro (624)

This could have been caused by you leaning up against something that you might have been allergic to and have no idea of it. So the best thing to do is to call a doctor and have them test you to see what you are allergic to so you can prevent it.


Answer by  kajal (13)

lower back rash can be caused due to wearing tight fitting outfits,like jeans or skirt. it can also happen due to dry skin


Answer by  keiki (1376)

It could be caused by something new that has made contact with your skin, such as new clothes, body wash, lotion etc. There could also be a buildup of bacteria from sweat that is making your lower back break out. Try washing it with an oil free cleanser and see if that helps.


Answer by  Pooja (74)

As skin is one of the most sensitive part of human body, keeping it dry and clean is very important. Dirty and sweat could be the reasons for the same.

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