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Question by  Sylar (29)

What is a flat polyp?

My doctor referred to this and I don't know what it is.


Answer by  Nancy (578)

This type of polyp is more difficult to detect in the colon than a protruding round one and is far more likely to be cancerous than a protruding rounded one.


Answer by  bunnifer (45)

A polyp is a a projecting mass of overgrown membrane. I am assuming that by defining it as flat that it is overgrown membrane tissue that is not projecting. However, since their are numerous types of polyps (ie: rectal, cervical, nasal) more information is needed.


Answer by  vineetha (40)

Flat polyps are cancerous lesions which are normally dont protrude. It is commonly seen in the colon. Flat polyps are difficult to detect by colonoscopy.


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

Flat polyp is nothing but an abnormal growth found in the large intestine colon. One should take the advice of the doctor and take treatment occordingly because if ignored it may lead to cancer.


Answer by  SARAAN (46)

The flat polyp is a precancerous colon polyp, and at later stages leads to colon cancer. Diagonised at the earlier stage flat polyps can be treated and cured.


Answer by  yvon (0)

I had a flat polyp removed by EMR, and Dr. wants to see me in 2 weeks, and another colonoscopy in 3months. Previously, it was every 5 years. The time line in making me nervous. If cancerous, would chemo. be next procedure?


Answer by  bobele (1)

Can a flat polyp be removed by EMR (Endoscopic mucosal resection? I've heard of it being done..It requires a special type equipment. Do you know where it can be done?

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