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Question by  makaveli1671 (80)

How do you stop bed wetting?

My son is 7 and still wets the bed.


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

Reasons for wetting at this age can be physical or psychological. Rule out physical possibilities first, through pediatricians and urologists. If these reasons are outruled, tackle the emotional aspect.


Answer by  lily290 (134)

Bedwetting is a very common problem with young boys. One thing you can do is limit his fluid intake before bed. Another thing you can do is to take him to the bathroom before you go to bed (around 11:00). He probably won't be fully awake, and so he'll be able to go back to sleep afterwards.


Answer by  ToralDwivedi (606)

Bed wetting at this age is very common in children suffering from depression. Give him Tab Imipramine 25 mg [Tofranil] 1 at night continuously for 90 days. Consult psychiatrist.

Reply by JoeDoe (112):
You should not be suggesting to stuff a seven year old with drugs capable of causing severe side effects!  add a comment

Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Your son could have a condition where he has a hard time controlling his bladder. Try putting those disposable underpants on him at night. You can buy them at any store. I suggest taking him to the doctor and telling his doctor about this bed wetting issue. He will diagnose if something is wrong.


Answer by  jlmk (20)

Avoid stressing your child. Give him rewards when he doesn't, and stop him from drinking two hours before bedtime. Make him clean up the sheets himself.


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

When a child wets the bed do not scold the child or punish the child. It is better to stop giving the child any drinks before an hour before going to bed.

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