Questions and Answers About: guinea pigs

Can you put a guinea pig on a leash?

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How can you potty train a guinea pig?

What are some good ways to make guinea pig homes?

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Is guinea pig breeding hard to do?

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Are respiratory problems common in guinea pigs?

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How can I become a guinea pig breeder?

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Can you tell me how to make homemade guinea pig cages?

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Are boy guinea pigs better pets?

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Why is my guinea pig losing hair?

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How do I know if my guinea pig is in labor?

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Do they make wooden tunnels for hamsters or gerbils?

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What is a help for a guinea pig with constipation?

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What size cage do I need for 3 guinea pigs?

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What kind of sicknesses to guinea pigs get?

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What are signs of labor in a guinea pig?

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Can guinea pigs get toxemia?

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What should I know if my guinea pig has an abscess?

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Can guinea pigs eat peaches?

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Why is my baby guinea pig shivering?

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Do guinea pigs bite?

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What should I know about caring for baby guinea pigs?

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What can be done about walking dandruff on guinea pigs?

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Can guinea pigs live outside all year?

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What can I do for orphaned guinea pig babies?

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What is the best treatment for guinea pigs with fleas?

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How should I care for a runt guinea pig?

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Can guinea pigs get lice?

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Do guinea pigs hibernate?

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What is a good cold treatment for a guinea pig?

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How can I tell the age of my guinea pig?

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Should my guinea pigs feel hot?

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My guinea pig has a growth on his foot, what should I do?

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How long does it take for a baby guinea pig to be weaned?

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What are some good boy guinea pig names?

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What does it mean when your guinea pig chirps?

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When do baby guinea pigs wean from their mother?

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What is the average life expectancy for guinea pigs?

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Is it common for guinea pigs to get worms?

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Why is my guinea pig bleeding from his nose?

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How do you go about sexing guinea pigs?

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Is it okay for guinea pigs to eat fruit and veggies?

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What are some examples of what a guinea pig can and can't eat?

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Why are my guinea pigs shedding?

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Why do guinea pigs squeak?

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What should I know about cleaning my guinea pig?

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I have guinea pig that has bald spot what should i do?

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What are the different guinea pig species?

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What fruits and veggies can guinea pigs not eat?

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Can two male guinea pigs live together?

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What can be done for a guinea pig whom is losing his teeth?

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How do I clean out my guinea pig's ear wax?

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What to do if there is blood in your guinea pig's urine?

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Can I use aromatherapy for scabies in guinea pigs?

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Do male guinea pigs fight?

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Which is better as a pet: Rats or guinea pigs?

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What can I feed my guinea pig?

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Can I use Frontline for guinea pigs?

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Is it hard to raise a guinea pig?

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Can a guinea pig have a heat stroke?

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How will a guinea pig act when they are sick?

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Do guinea pigs eat hay?

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What are good sources of vitamin C for guinea pigs?

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What should I feed a guinea pig?

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How do guinea pigs mate?

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How often should I bathe my Guinea pig?

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What can I do about flies around a guinea pig?

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What should I know about raising guinea pigs?

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What is the gestation time for guinea pigs?

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What can you tell me about bumblefoot in guinea pigs?

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My guinea pig has pink urine. What's wrong?

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How do you care for pregnant guinea pigs?

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What should I do if my guinea pig has chelitis?

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How long do guinea pigs live?

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Can you walk guinea pigs on leashes?

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Why is my guinea pig such a spaz?

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What kind of cages are good for guinea pigs?

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What are the prices on guinea pigs?

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Can guinea pigs eat Swiss chard?

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Do you need to give a guinea pig a bath?

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Why did my guinea pig die?

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Is it okay to feed my guinea pig some peach?

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Do guinea pigs have belly buttons?

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