guinea pigs


Question by  evinrude (16)

How can I tell the age of my guinea pig?

I need to know how old my guinea pig is.


Answer by  Dennis59 (86)

It is very difficult to know the exact age of a guinea pig after they reach 12 months or older. Even speicalisits find it difficult to give an exact age. The best they can do is give a close estimate.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

It can be almost impossible to tell a pig's age after a year or so old when they reach adult weight. If they are very young they might have pointed sharp nails (as they haven't had to be cut yet). Older pigs can also move more slowly or be less noisy (although pigs have varied personalities).


Answer by  worker5690 (40)

Pigs increase in weight and length til about 15 months. Length for mature males is 30-35cm and females 28-32cm. There really is no other way to tell.


Answer by  pezhead420 (182)

It is quite difficult to tell the age of a full grown guinea pig. You can't check the size of their teeth like you would a horse.

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