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Question by  workingwoman11 (195)

When baby hamsters are born should I take the male out of the cage?

I need to know if I sould leave the daddy hamster in the cage with the babies.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Yes, take the daddy out immediately. If not, you risk additional pregnancies. You can keep the female hamsters together, but do not put more than one male in the same cage as they will almost certainly not accept each other. Take male babies out at 3-4 weeks and find them good homes.

Reply by SugarPlum8 (1):
I had my robo hamsters for almost about a month and i can't tell if I got a female and a male or both female and both male.  add a comment

Answer by  redhairdude (5)

Take the Male out immediately or risk the babies being killed by the male.


Answer by  lilian (397)

Hamsters are loners by nature. I'm surprised the male and female hamster were living together. I would recommend moving the father out for the safety of the babies.


Answer by  Ozzy (44)

I would definitely take the male out. From my understanding, it's actually more common for the female to eat or otherwise harm the young, but better safe than sorry.

posted by Anonymous
Ya it is more common for the female to eat them, but dont stop her. She does it because the baby is unhealthy. Take the male out!  add a comment

Answer by  pfrink (80)

When baby hamsters are born you should take the mother (female) out of the cage. Sometimes after giving birth to a litter, a mother hamster may attack the baby hamsters. The father should be alright in the cage with the babies.

posted by Anonymous
Do NOT take the mother out! The babies need her milk our they will die. If the female starts to eat them let her. It means the litter is unhealthy. Take the mle out, he may be agressive!  add a comment
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