guinea pigs


Question by  kathryn26 (96)

What size cage do I need for 3 guinea pigs?

They are siblings I am adopting together.


Answer by  Mumma (483)

3 cavies require at least 10 and a half square feet of interior usable space to get sufficient exercise and avoid fights (especially if you have 3 boys). Research C&C cages - they are a cinch to make and way cheaper than a petstore cage (glorified litterbox). For 3 pigs you will need a 2x5 or 2x6 C&C.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

A minimum of 10. 5 square feet (interior space, not outer measurements of a cage). Check out a C&C (storage cubes and coroplast) cage. They are so easy to make and MUCH cheaper than a crap storebought one. For 3 you need a 2x5 grid cage. (If the pigs are different sexes you will have to keep boys separate. )


Answer by  Startwearinggreen (340)

It depends on their size but they need adequate room to move around. I would say get one of the biggest cages you can find. You will also need an area outside of the cage where they can run around and get exercise. You also need to make sure the cage is pig enough three guinea pig beds.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

Assuming you take them out to play on a regular basis, they don't need that much room. Maybe a 4-foot cage?


Answer by  wishfire (119)

I would say at least 10 square foot cage, which should not be hard to find. However, if you don't mind spending a little extra money, it might be wise to even opt for something that would be around 15 square feet, if not a little more. With so many guinea pigs in one cage, they'll need room.

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