guinea pigs


Question by  johnny2211 (27)

What can I use as a homemade substitute for guinea pig bedding?

I don't have any cedar or other typical bedding for my new guinea pig's house. What household products can I use?


Answer by  Teacherspet (111)

A soft piece of fleece or felt can be laid down as a washable, reusable, base, and shredded paper towels, tissue, or old clothing can be used as bedding.


Answer by  Samothrace (59)

Shredded newspaper works as bedding in an absolute pinch, but I would suggest using an old cotton shirt, preferably with no printed-on graphics. Just tear it up and toss it in. If your guinea pig eats it, the cotton should pass safely through its system. The fabric should be easy to clean up when you get appropriate bedding.

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