Question by  pinkie (247)

How long do guinea pigs live?


Answer by  Wackonorm (164)

A typical healthy guinea pig lived to be four to eight years old. Which isn't very long so it's best to buy a baby animal and not an adult. Interesting fact is that teeth continue to grow throughout their lifespan.


Answer by  Anonymous

Unfortunately, they don't live as long as pets shop say. They rarely live past 4 years and sadly are proned to many diseases. However, they are worrth the time you have them. They are comical and lovable! enjoy!


Answer by  GeekBoy (146)

In my experience, 4-5 years at most. They are prone to respiratory infections, so keep them dry and away from drafts. Males are especially susceptible to a digestive problem called a megacolon, and a bout of diarrhea can prove fatal. Get a baby and don't use pine bedding.


Answer by  blahblah (670)

Guinea pigs usually live for about 4 or 5 years, with some individuals living as long as 8 years. One guinea pig is reported (in the 2006 Guinness Book of Records) to have lived for more than 14 years!


Answer by  Anonymous

4-8 years much better than a hampster


Answer by  leahb (4)

Our own guinea pig- Rodney, lived 10 years. Despite having only one eye, he lived indoors in the wnter and outside in the summer months.


Answer by  Anonymous

how often do you give guinea pigs vegetables

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