Question by  Aimeers (18)

What could be the cause of my cats ears being warm?

My cat's ears are very warm, does this mean anything?


Answer by  Pumpkin1 (201)

A cats ears and paws are where heat escapes their body. The blood vessels are close to the skin on the ears so this is one way for their body to cool down. If you think your cat has a temperature also feel their belly. If it is very warm that could be a sign of a fever.


Answer by  ExcatteR (41)

Absolutely it means nothing to worry about, actually almost all the ground living creatures has a projecting ears. this is actually for radiating the excess heat.


Answer by  Patti63 (51)

Is the kitty acting sick or lethargic? If your cat's ears are very warm, it could indicate that it has a fever which could be caused by a cold or an infection.

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