Question by  canowoop (16)

What causes spasms in cats?

My cat has spasms in her sleep and I am worried that she will die as a result.


Answer by  Meowzer (392)

If your cat is just twitching when she sleeps and can be woken up, then it is normal. It is believed they do this when dreaming. If you are not able to wake the cat until the spasms stop or if it's happening when she's awake and she zones out type of thing, then she needs to see a vet.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

Spasms in a sleeping cat are not a cause for concern. All cats muscles will twitch when they are in REM sleep. Basically, it is similar to a human dreaming.


Answer by  Mello10 (130)

Your cat could be having intense dreams that look like spasms to you, and she may be just fine. Ask your vet for a checkup.

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