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Can I run my Jaguar on 89 octane fuel?

posted by  Patti63(51)

My Dodge Caravan keeps overheating, what should I do?

posted by  rocky1717(43)

What causes an engine to knock?

posted by  sns34(144)

How can I remove a spark plug from a Toyota Corolla?

posted by  smokeydabear(47)

Why is my Ford Expedition stalling while idling?

posted by  Glw(22)

Why does my Jeep 4.0 starter crank slowly?

posted by  teacher(23)

Where is the fuse box located on my Dodge Caravan?

posted by  tygirl91(17)

How many quarts of oil does a Buick use?

posted by  Brett(7986)

How do I fix overheating problems in my car?

posted by  Mido(29)

How do I change out the transmission fluid on my Cavalier?

posted by  answerer(24)

How do I advance and retard timing on my Dodge 360 engine?

posted by  ellzee(25)

What does it mean when my Toyota Sienna misfires?

posted by  Xbox305(9)

How do I clean my carburetor on my Honda?

posted by  Cristina(339)

What brand of tires should I use for a Subaru Forrester?

posted by  em(201)

How do you remove the floor boards of a VW?

posted by  stud(22)

What could cause vibration in my Polaris atv 700?

posted by  Businesslady85(32)

Why is my steering wheel shaking left to right?

What is the best car freshener?

posted by  JJP(360)

Will it hurt my engine if I overfill the oil?

posted by  Montoya(27)

Why will the AC of my Town and Country not engage?

posted by  Me2(36)

What can you tell me about Douglas Xtra-Trac tires?

posted by  Jannie(18)

What is the value of a 2004 Accord with 30K miles on it?

posted by  ppremise(200)

Should I belong to a cross country motor club?

posted by  Smartypants(16)

In a Nissan, where are the fuse boxes located?

posted by  Feisty(87)

Which car is the safest?

posted by  savhomer(18)

Does Scotchguard work on car upholstery?

posted by  lhart24(64)

How do I convert a car to natural gas?

posted by  fransoisI1(11)

What happens when I give my car back?

posted by  Mike19(92)

Where is the brake differential valve located?

posted by  Ashaan(50)

What could cause my Caprice engine to misfire?

posted by  Sheethal(18)

How do I test my car's alternator?

posted by  JoCoWoTo(18)

Why does my 3800 Oldsmobile die after getting hot?

posted by  Snood(55)

Where can I find a replacement Volvo air flow meter?

posted by  gnartron(22)

How can I tell if I have a bad oxygen sensor?

posted by  Dmt(25)

Why is my Town and Country stalling and losing power?

posted by  vidhyaashok(19)

Are there any companies which rent a smart car?

posted by  MaggiMind(16)

What are the best diesel cars?

posted by  vidgrl007(40)

How is speed enforced by aircraft?

posted by  mic(6)

Why does my odometer go crazy on my Honda Accord?

posted by  Rimi(27)

My Ford Flathead has no spark, what should I do?

posted by  vero(22)

Why does my Chrysler fuel pump make noise?

posted by  VictoriaWallace28(63)

How much does it cost to sign up for AAA?

posted by  grandmaG(26)

Why is my 90 Honda backfiring?

posted by  niyati(23)

What does an EGR valve do?

posted by  pm(18)

Where are the sensors located in my Saturn?

posted by  marktho(56)

How do I reset the ECM on my Toyota?

posted by  vironian1938(18)

What are the most fuel efficient vans?

posted by  joe16(32)

What could be the cause of a sudden oil pressure drop?

posted by  silvscorp(12)

Where can I find a Ford Ranger hitch?

posted by  Mable(3008)

Is the Hyandai Santro available in the U.S?

posted by  Chrisme(94)

How do you attach a snowplow to a Jeep Comanche?

posted by  teeyah(22)

What is the record for most wins in nascar season?

posted by  shwetha(17)

What does the oil in antifreeze look like?

posted by  Teya74(16)

How do I clean the idle air control motor on my car?

posted by  sammyrags(82)

Where do I locate the central port injection on my car?

posted by  Pauletta(24)

Where is the thermostat located on a Mercury?

posted by  joybishoptx(8)

How do you hook up car radio systems?

posted by  elrucro(47)

How do I troubleshoot an overheating Corvette?

posted by  Diana(46)

How do I check the fuel pump on an Escalade?

posted by  EcoCrafty(33)

Where is the oil plug on a Ford Escort?

posted by  Diego32(18)

How do I test a CAM sensor on a Buick?

posted by  Adaamrf77(23)

How do I troubleshoot engine noise on my Subaru?

posted by  countrygal(164)

What are the best tires for a Ford Focus?

posted by  carolynjo48(29)

Where can I find the Ford engine id?

posted by  Mohsin(11)

What is the average gasoline price in Mexico?

posted by  katie72(19)

Where is the PCV valve located on my car?

posted by  Nekka1(27)

My Chrysler is overheating, what should I do?

posted by  BobSaget(5)

How can I find a good first car?

posted by  sgt111(34)

What causes a PT Cruiser to miss while in idle?

posted by  mustang(18)