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What are the specs of a Chevy 4.3 motor?

posted by  Turkwork(1150)

Where can I find a diagram of a Corvette?

posted by  steve70(10)

Can you get replacement car seats?

posted by  Twins3307(97)

How much is my Pontiac Grand Am worth?

posted by  pau(10)

Why is my Honda smoking at the gas pump?

posted by  bobbobsson(24)

Do flat top pistons work?

posted by  james76(29)

Where do you find the radiator drain cock?

posted by  yadacat(94)

Where do I put the freeze plugs in my motor block?

posted by  Zulqarnain(35)

What is the value of a '96 Saturn?

posted by  jax9999(131)

How much is a 99 Mercury Mystique worth?

posted by  T(18)

What kind of transmission fluid should I use in a Nissan?

posted by  marquita(16)

Where can I find a starter for my Ford F150?

posted by  birder(34)

Can you put your own roof rack on a Range Rover?

posted by  camille(50)

What are some characteristics of Chevrolet VINs?

posted by  bazoni(45)

Do they still make Fiat cars?

posted by  Chris59(17)

How long can an engine be stored?

posted by  Moz(47)

What are some fast sports cars?

posted by  squareknot20(19)

How much is my 1996 Z28 Camaro worth?

posted by  nikhil22(2)

What kind of car was "Christine"?

posted by  Benji34(4)

How do I change the window motor on my Chevy Lumina?

posted by  Bobby50(82)

What kind of car stereo do they put into an Infiniti?

posted by  ivym(34)

Is the BMW 540i a station wagon?

posted by  chilli(126)

Are there any autos made in Mexico?

posted by  Ddw85(40)

What does a GM check engine light mean?

posted by  mturk67(15)

How much is a 1998 Ranger worth?

posted by  GG(20)

Where are there car rental companies in Fayetteville, NC?

posted by  klvan(421)

What other engines does Chevy make other than the 305?

posted by  jansi(91)

What size speakers does a Ford Explorer take?

posted by  MarkampMartina(29)

How do you get new lug nuts for your tire?

posted by  Sally70(6)

Does a voluntary car repossession go on your credit?

posted by  rtpinto(56)

What kind of tires have the numbers 265, 75, 16?

posted by  Austin20(2)

How do you troubleshoot a Lincoln rear suspension?

posted by  bmr0080(37)

What kind of wipers work best on a Ford?

posted by  Craig54(16)

What's the best company for renting a car?

posted by  Infinity(35)

What is the history of the Rolls-Royce Flying Lady?

posted by  design1(21)

What is the value of a 1990 Ford 350?

posted by  Mike22(40)

What temperature should your engine be when you stop?

posted by  sunny51(6)

Why does my car have a vibration in it?

posted by  Satharn(44)

Does a Ford Focus always come as an automatic?

posted by  Tiera19(97)

What are "struts"?

posted by  Maria99(108)

Why is there smoke coming out of my dashboard?

posted by  Pennfield(25)

Is it possible to get 20-inch rims?

posted by  shamelashort(18)

Does Honda have any cars with the keyless entry option?

posted by  Ashik20(17)

Where are Chevrolet's engines built?

posted by  Wes66(34)

Is Duplicolor car paint the best brand?

posted by  Sally86(8)

Is it realistic to compare car prices?

posted by  Sanjeevan(62)

Is a Ford Focus a wagon?

posted by  kittytre1(69)

Which Ford cars have a V10 engine?

posted by  muffinx1(232)

How do you jump-start a car?

posted by  bpmock(140)

Should I sell my 1986 Honda Shadow?

posted by  InfoInfo(28)

Where would you go to buy an alternator?

posted by  danceur(210)

How do you set the firing order in a Chevy 350?

posted by  AOLCanceler(73)

Should I sell my 97 Chevy Malibu?

posted by  SVai456(46)

Does a dipstick have anything to do with heating the oil?

posted by  Seongsoo(24)

In Utah, are two license plates required?

posted by  Lizzie44(39)

What is a Plymouth Gold Duster?

posted by  chellyz(53)

What kind of gas mileage does a 1990 525i get?

posted by  Sam39(24)

How can I get a new manual for my Chevy Tahoe?

posted by  Hanhi(14)

How much is a 1966 Oldsmobile Tornado worth?

posted by  BooBoo(18)

Would used mini vans get better gas mileage than new ones?

posted by  DGrinn(25)

What kind of gas mileage does the '97 Cavalier get?

posted by  VanM(21)

What numbers does a Chevrolet VIN start with?

posted by  beccabooty(37)

What kind of gas mileage does a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am get?

posted by  LarryC(8)

What kind of gas mileage did 1963 Chevy trucks get?

posted by  gosse28(10)

What is the tow rating for a Chevy Suburban?

posted by  vidyesh(18)

What kind of gas mileage does a 2004 Grand Caravan get?

posted by  lyle(106)

Where do you go to buy restored classic cars?

posted by  justme6(61)

How do they come up with fuel economy estimates?

posted by  zagonmom(23)

Does a Citroen have a key?

posted by  wendy30(2)

Can a remote power door lock be easily cloned?

posted by  Dawn63(17)

What car sells the most in the US?

posted by  blah96(22)

Is the higher priced gas better for your car?

posted by  Liceneus(8)

How do I check the oil in a Honda CBR?

posted by  mikayehu(11)

Is there a way to turn off the dodge seat belt sensor?

posted by  dana(12)

How long does a gas tank last?

posted by  Donald(42)

What is the ABS sensor in a Land Rover?

posted by  cmurry10(2)

How does a Ford Ranger switch defrost to vent?

posted by  CSandeep(48)

Can a bent car frame be fixed?

posted by  Kryss1(19)

What can you tell me about auto hood locks?

posted by  worker49(37)

How can I remove a stain from the exterior of a car?

posted by  Diane65(27)

Can you tow 1000 lbs with a car?

posted by  Topea(90)

What are the best spark plugs?

posted by  anyname(43)

How do you determine the oil capacity in your car?

posted by  worker5526(32)

What kind of lug nut locks should I use?

posted by  ED29(4)

Who invented the car?

posted by  robert73(23)

How do you troubleshoot car problems?

posted by  Isl(25)

How do you know when to get a car tune-up?

posted by  sidra(15)

Can you buy car tires online?

posted by  Ayan(13)

Can you add a rear wiper arm to a car?

posted by  tsm(13)