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Question by  silvscorp (12)

What could be the cause of a sudden oil pressure drop?

Everything was fine and suddenly the oil pressure dropped.


Answer by  dano (82)

there could be a couple of reasons for the oil pressure to drop down. First thing to check is the oil sending unit,it may be faulty and not reading the right pressure. The other is the oil pump may be going out


Answer by  BigVinceG (13)

Sometimes, debris carried in the oil can get trapped in the oil pressure sensor, giving a false low reading. Other times, your oil pump can fail and is bad news.


Answer by  kate74 (273)

There may be too much oil in your engine. You could also need new cover gaskets (or just have them tightened). You may also need to install a new pcv valve.


Answer by  Montoya (27)

Oil pressure is maintained by the oil pump. The pump may have failed internally, the oil filter may be blocked not letting oil flow, or there may be a leak in one of the lines. Also, the oil pump is driven by some type of accessory belt or gear so you might need to check that it is being powered.


Answer by  Manuel (36)

There are a number of things that will cause a low oil pressure, to name a few is a broken oil line, an internal leak on the cam, oil pump.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well it could be something simple as a bad sensor or there could be some type of internal damage. You should have an experience mechanic look at it to find out what the issue is before driving it any more.


Answer by  Anonymous

Your oil plug could have fallen out because the people at the oil change place didn't tighten it or left it off.

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