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Question by  acanswer (17)

Why does my transmission make a whining sound when I put it in gear?


Answer by  Chris28 (34)

Possible low transmission fluid, or a bad gear syncro. Check/add fluid first, if sound remains, verify you hear it only in one gear. If so, bring in for service.


Answer by  wrencher32 (80)

If your fluid level is low, the transmission fluid can aerate and cause a whining sound in the pump assembly. Another reason could be a fractured bearing in the torque converter.


Answer by  emtinoklahoma (49)

The transmission pump is probably not working correctly. This may mean you are low on transmission fluid, your filter is dirty, or the pump itself is bad. When you have the fluid changed, be sure to check for metal shavings.


Answer by  Anonymous

I just had this problem and I found out that the transmission is leaking fluid because the transmission sealant was blown. The dealership raised the car and found oil leaking from the tranny which causes the whining sound...Thanks god the car is under warranty..


Answer by  maxim (47)

The transmission pump is probably bad, which would cause a lack of transmission fluid making contact with the internal gears. The problem could also be a defective torque converter (in an automatic transmission).


Answer by  kirbdog1 (14)

Whining sound could be due to gears meshing in your transmission. First thing I would do is to check the transmission fluid. Is it dirty or even low. If it is dirty, take it in and get a full flush, if low, you're lucky, just fill it up.


Answer by  jlman23 (41)

Your transmission makes a whining sound when put into gear, because when the transmission starts to wear down the teeth on the gears start breaking off. When there is enough break off the cylinders try to turn each other and grind.


Answer by  agirl (1)

I just bought privately a 2005 GMC Jimmy and it is making a whining noise. Help please. Thanx in advance. " a girl"

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