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What is the history of hybrid cars?

posted by  James720(13)

Should I sell my '97 Saturn?

posted by  NancyTell843(156)

How much is my 2000 VW Passat worth?

posted by  Cali2307(1337)

How do you repair the window in a Bonneville?

posted by  Longwood(18)

How do you get your repossessed car back?

posted by  susan32(2)

Does Pioneer make an in-dash receiver?

posted by  AnnArk(141)

What kind of gas mileage should I expect from a Ford F150?

posted by  varex(330)

What kind of gas mileage do you get from a Nissan pickup?

posted by  Poppy65(2)

What is the history of the diesel engine?

posted by  Triskelonnn(23)

How do you remove a Buick door panel?

posted by  Kari(48)

What kind of gas mileage does a Honda Odyssey get?

posted by  Kris58(36)

How do they make hopping cars?

posted by  Fred63(42)

Can you tell me how a carburetor works?

posted by  suzyq16(47)

Where is the flasher located on a Chevy truck?

posted by  Rkrites(10)

What is the best way to clean leather car upholstery?

posted by  withsmluck(793)

What does the PT in PT Cruiser stand for?

posted by  dev(35)

Why is the overdrive light flashing in my Mazda MPV?

posted by  BobM(20)

Do you need a toddler seat in a car?

posted by  bullaure(17)

Where can you find a Saturn fuel filter?

posted by  MissAmbitions(56)

How do you disarm a Hyundai car alarm?

posted by  LP3791(12)

What is wrong with my Navigator's air suspension?

posted by  DrGlove(23)

What kind of wheels should I get for my Chevy S-10?

posted by  hubb(47)

How expensive is satellite radio for cars?

posted by  lwolves2001(26)

What makes a ride "hot"?

posted by  purathur(11)

How much should I charge for my 1996 Isuzu Trooper?

posted by  Brian7913(28)

What's the most economical car?

posted by  me57(12)

Where can I find Ford Focus body kits?

posted by  georgepaul(89)

Who makes the alarm in a Mitsubishi?

posted by  newuser(49)

What are the cheapest car stereos?

posted by  rowelbg(22)

How do I get a manual for my Hyundai Elantra?

posted by  GuyGuy9987(34)

Are pick-up campers expensive?

posted by  Sammalamadingdong(15)

Would you recommend I buy a Golf V5?

posted by  anyname32(28)

Can you re-chrome your wheels?

posted by  MichaelSsali(10)

What is a safe way to have entertainment in the car?

posted by  poegirl100(15)

What is the best alternative-fuel car?

posted by  mamaspeak(141)

How do you run diagnostics on a car?

posted by  Lara(31)

Why won't my '98 Honda Accord start?

posted by  madlambe(197)

What gear is overdrive?

posted by  Cathy65(652)

Is it safe to buy a car at a government auto auction?

posted by  Stacey94(2)

Is there more than one kind of auto blue book?

posted by  KremarMonBaniago(21)

What kind of rims go on a Ford Taurus?

posted by  Bostongal1(54)

Do they put auto manuals online?

posted by  sbjagannathan(8)

Is the Dollar Car Rental a good place to get cars?

posted by  worker9426(8)

What do you do with your old radiator?

posted by  DanteWolfe(67)

What kind of transmission is on a Voyager?

posted by  cklight(327)

Should I sell my 2002 Saturn SC1?

posted by  Zrafidim(107)

What is brake dust?

posted by  Betty108(10)

How do keyless entry fobs work?

posted by  nzbee(19)

Are Ultra Wheels good?

posted by  nnohure(155)

How powerful is a turbo 350 transmission?

posted by  JIJURJUSTUS(15)

What kind of gas mileage does a 1993 Ford Taurus SHO get?

posted by  mhaarhaus(18)

What can you tell me about a Nissan Quest ignition module?

posted by  Shyamala(15)

How do you increase octane?

posted by  msjmb(7)

How much is a 2004 Pontiac Vibe worth?

posted by  sney17(66)

How do you program a remote for a Ford?

posted by  luisda(21)

What are the fault codes for a Chrysler?

posted by  surajit(101)

What are the paint codes for Ford?

posted by  billym(53)

Are there some "known" fuel problems with a Honda?

posted by  kadaway(17)

What kind of gas mileage did the 1971 VW Bug get?

posted by  and3(14)

What are some helpful seatbelt statistics?

posted by  terry82(191)

What are the tune-up specs of a Honda?

posted by  CherylSchneider(36)

How do you replace the brake pads on a Ford Escape?

posted by  Dizzy37(26)

How do you install spotlights in a car?

posted by  BillS(50)

What's the MPG of an Astro van?

posted by  bart(23)

Does a Grand Am need to be lubed?

posted by  Lucy(40)

Does a Passat come with ABS automatically?

posted by  DeathWings(47)

Where can I buy a '98 Caravan engine diagram?

posted by  nithin(4)

How do you not lock your keys in the car?

posted by  Hpd(63)

How big is the gas tank in a Ford Ranger?

posted by  raquel(25)

What is key less entry?

posted by  Centrifugal(69)

What is special about the frame of a race car?

posted by  ram00910(29)

How do you lower the suspension on a Honda Accord?

posted by  Martie(19)

How does the line on the dashboard move?

posted by  snipp(9)

How long should a transmission last in a 1998 Civic?

posted by  xtremedudesf(2)

What causes the odor of gasoline inside a car?

posted by  Buf(39)

What should I know about changing a wheel size?

posted by  jovialjino(13)

What are some reasons my car cuts out?

posted by  Bostongal1(54)

Did they make Barracudas in 1965?

posted by  BAXTER13(6)

Should I repaint my yellow beetle?

posted by  greenbean(21)

How do you get a key fob code for a '96 Camaro?

posted by  arun36(8)

What should I sell my 1989 S10 for?

posted by  frybread(13)

What cars are given to new FHP officers?

posted by  John77(32)

Where is the location of the VIN number on my car?

posted by  Arjun(58)

What happens if you put sugar into a car's gas tank?

posted by  Vigil(34)