Question by  danetstruve (10)

Where is the catalytic converter located on my Honda CRV?


Answer by  tkarlav (1502)

that all depends on year of vehicle and engine size.Some have two . the converter typically comes after the manifold and down tube and before the mufflers. if unsure its after the first o 2 sensor .


Answer by  Wrenchman (638)

Follow the exhaust pipe from the tailpipe toward the engine. The first big can you'll find is the muffler, the second (smaller) one is the catalytic converter.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Under the hood. Trying to find it will make for a wonderful bonding experience between you and your Honda CRV.


Answer by  Meb74 (56)

The catalytic converter is located under the engine area and is bolted to the exhaust manifold. Just to the rear of the front subframe.


Answer by  fordguy777 (346)

It is located within the exhaust system beneath the car. The converter is located after the exhaust manifold or header and is located before the muffler. The space in between them is taken up by exhaust pipe.


Answer by  Jay18 (112)

The catalytic converter is always connect to the exhaust system on the car. If you get under the car, follow the piping from the engine that connects to the exhaust.


Answer by  Mike65 (5)

The catalytic converter on a Honda CRV is located on the exhaust in between the headers, and the muffler. The catalytic converter is located in the same place, for every vehicle.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well there should be one per each side if you have a "V" style engine. Typically they are mounted right after the O2 sensor in the exhaust system.


Answer by  rajahassaan (149)

the catalytic converter is located under the engine and is bolted to manifold to the rear of the front subframe .


Answer by  BeefStrule (690)

If you pry open the rear gauge, you'll see a button labelled "Administration". Push that button and the converter console should extend from the side. From there, you can access it fully.


Answer by  pardhan (92)

THe catalytic converter should be located at the front part of the vehicle because that is where all the electric components are.

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