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What oil filter should you use in a Studebaker?

posted by  Shannah(28)

What can you tell me about Suburbans and rear-end noises?

posted by  Mac81(8)

How do you replace the starter in a Toyota Tercel?

posted by  mike61(45)

How do you adjust a carburetor?

posted by  wdwfan(13)

Is a Ford Ranger 3.0 motor any good?

posted by  Dimples376(13)

Is it legal to have LED lights on a car in Ohio?

posted by  BMonkeme(22)

Where can I find touch-up paint for a Hyundai?

posted by  Rolf(100)

My car got towed what do I do?

posted by  worker42(21)

What are the pitfalls of hydrogen powered cars?

posted by  TC22(10)

Why are they the Bavarian Motor Works?

posted by  aditi95(2)

How do I change my lower radiator hose?

posted by  Jamie(28)

What kind of transmission does a Mazda 626 have?

posted by  joseph409(8)

What is a 1992 Cherokee worth?

posted by  Phil44(18)

What cars were popular in 1969?

posted by  Kesha(28)

Do they have car auctions in Michigan?

posted by  Mark94(127)

How do you get a replacement Ford key fob?

posted by  Handydandy(26)

Why is my car low on coolant?

posted by  pm7827(7)

What should I charge for my 92 Celica?

posted by  Chandon1313(32)

How much should I pay for a Honda Shadow 600?

posted by  ani28(10)

How do I change the modulator in my Dodge 1995?

posted by  Pancho16(10)

How much would a rear brake drum cost?

posted by  Dunkin(39)

What SUV gets the best gas mileage?

posted by  Pickles(49)

What does "no bus" mean on an odometer?

posted by  DarkListener(11)

What does "six cylinder" mean?

posted by  PenelopeMadere(32)

Where is the solenoid pack on my car?

posted by  KayD(25)

Can I convert my Chevy to dualies?

posted by  ross81(4)

What kind of engines are in Cavaliers?

posted by  Sam39(24)

How much is a '92 Honda Accord worth?

posted by  Evgeni556(63)

Is CarCheck a good alternative to Car Fax?

posted by  VivianOblivion(62)

Why does my car run rough and then stall?

posted by  Rajiv(51)

Is it still worth it to get a car alarm?

posted by  joespiff(27)

What are the symptoms of a blown head gasket?

posted by  seylis(25)

What's the best Ford van to tow a camper?

posted by  worker9384(17)

What kind of AC compressor would you use in a Ford?

posted by  PaulWillie(18)

How much should I sell my 99 Hyundai Accent?

posted by  hrpoorna(155)

Does someone sell used NASCAR tires?

posted by  mturk67(15)

What size headlights does a Ford take?

Where is your brake fluid reservoir?

posted by  RootBios(11)

What size is a Plymouth Voyager van?

posted by  shreya(58)

How much should I sell my '97 Mercury Sable for?

posted by  Anjana(40)

How much can I sell my car for?

posted by  Ringir(46)

Did Ford make Escapes in yellow?

posted by  gooffen(19)

Where do you find the VIN on a Chevy?

posted by  PalmSpringsPJ(43)

What was the Ford C6 transmission like?

posted by  NikkiG12(4)

What is the value of a Saturn SL2?

posted by  UKSports123(12)

Is a Subaru SVX considered a mid-sized car?

posted by  dave43(20)

What are some environmentally friendly cars?

posted by  smclaughlin(93)

How old does a car have to be to become an antique?

posted by  jackrichard(22)

What kind of gas mileage does a Ford Astro Van get?

posted by  Susan86(10)

Should I sell my 1986 Ford Bronco 2?

posted by  ram(22)

Is my 93 Ford Ranger worth much?

posted by  petlover(11)

What do the various gauges tell you in a Ford Ranger?

posted by  Jesse(27)

Are batteries for a Mercedes expensive?

posted by  jen1675(16)

What is the average price of a new Ferrari?

posted by  terry82(191)

How many years did they make the Shelby GT?

posted by  earlgrey(45)

What kind of gas mileage does a '98 Lumina get?

posted by  CrAiGjAcKsOn(28)

Are fender washers harmful to cars?

posted by  Sumathi41(12)

Are any of the Cosco Touriva car seats recalled?

posted by  MelanieD(52)

What kind of gas mileage does a 1992 S10 get?

posted by  aleva932(101)

Can you paint your car's interior?

posted by  Sharath(15)

What are the best top installation instructions for a Jeep?

posted by  jb78(40)

Where is the map sensor located on a 1994 Dodge Caravan?

posted by  Daisy61241(1)

Why does my Toyota Camry misfire when I throttle up?

posted by  mommyofangel(87)

Why won't the car door open from the outside?

posted by  mckobe(26)

Why can't I crank my car?

posted by  meme39(23)

What kind of information is contained in the VIN?

posted by  JohnathonLMackin(48)

When was the car invented?

posted by  zeet(6)

How do you open up the fuse box on a Honda Shadow?

posted by  foo(23)

How much should a new battery cost for a Nissan Altima?

posted by  Rhoadey(16)

What kind of cd player would have come in a Ford Ranger?

posted by  Seodanrot(12)

How do I fix a blinking check engine light?

posted by  Kitty(22)

What are some good car safety facts?

posted by  tvbturk(19)

How do I unlock the boost on my turbo charger?

posted by  test19(36)

What's a good brand of amplifier for cars?

posted by  arun(26)

Where could I find a 1846 DeSoto?

posted by  rjprecording(56)

Do they make Smartcars in the USA?

posted by  darkmatter(124)

Are Michelin tires safe again?

posted by  johnman(72)

Is an Aurora a full-sized car for a family?

posted by  Artemis(16)

How big is the Mercury Villager Van?

posted by  jevitiz(142)

Does my 1989 Chevrolet pick-up have onboard diagnostics?

posted by  Lanwanman(90)

What price should I sell my car for?

posted by  jcm(117)

How do you transfer an auto's title in Texas?

posted by  peregra(23)

Does LPG make a car?

posted by  Jaanu(51)

How do you get your remote key fobs fixed?

posted by  kherasakshi(124)

When is a car "tricked out"?

posted by  tatymai(72)