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Question by  krish (13)

Why is anti-freeze leaking from the passenger side of my Ford Taurus?


Answer by  romanguy (233)

There are two reason antifreeze will leak. Either an overflow or a leak in your radiator. Check the fluid level in your reservoir, if it is filled to the rim, it may be overflowing, otherwise you have a radiator leak that should get fixed soon.


Answer by  elynne (1153)

Without a more specific location it will be shooting in the dark, but I would say that your passenger side part of the cooling system has sprung a leak. It could also be something as simple as the coolant reserve tank has been breeched or the supply line or it could be much worse and the system itself is damaged


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Usually, when that happens, the heating coil inside your engine is malfunctioning. You will need to flush your radiator, replace that part, and then refill the radiator with new pre-mixed antifreeze.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

The anti-freeze container is on the passenger side of the engine compartment in a Ford Taurus. There are many reasons it could be leaking. These include a hole in the container or in the tube.


Answer by  Doug77 (1433)

The heater core is located inside the dashboard on the passenger side. Coolant leaking onto the floor means that you have a cracked housing or corroded core and the entire heater core will need to be replaced.


Answer by  palmerino (637)

the most likely problem is a broken radiator or hose. You will need to get under the car and look around for where the liquid is coming from. Replacing the radiator on a taurus is very easy, so if it needs a new one, you should do it yourself.


Answer by  ilikesmirf (147)

You may have a crack or split in your coolant line. A mechanic can apply pressure to the line and figure out where it is leaking from.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

well first make sure that is actually coolant and not condensation. Cars will drip on typically on the passenger side after the AC is ran. If it is for sure coolant than either your heater core is leaking or the hoses going into it are leaking. If it isn't that then you engine may be leaking coolant.


Answer by  Snappledrank (103)

This is actually a common problem. This is usually caused by a cracked or split hose for the air conditioning unit. The reservoir for the antifreeze is located just behind your glove compartment. The hose runs along the wall there, so if it cracks or splits, it tends to leak into the passenger side, pooling on the floor.


Answer by  lexuslady315 (635)

you may have a leak in the hose you should have that checked out because if you drive on a dry radiator that will cause more problems


Answer by  emussini (22)

Anti-freeze leaks in the cabin are usually related to faults in the passenger heater system. There are several components including rubber hoses, valves and a small radiator. Any of this could be the source of the leak.

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