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Question by  katie72 (19)

What is the average gasoline price in Mexico?

I am planning on driving there next month.


Answer by  sherry (211)

right now the gas prices in mexico is 265. 5 the higher gas price is 270. 5 in one place i found it was at 255. 5 but that was at one store only


Answer by  Clement (1453)

Approximately 7-8 Mexican dollars per litre, which amounts to slightly more than US $2 per gallon. You can also consult the Mexican data bank of economic information (Banco de information economica).


Answer by  Raj90 (14)

The gasoline price in Mexico is stable during the current year, 2009. The gasoline available in Mexico is unleaded. If your vehicle uses gas in US, then it is not advisable to use gasoline in Mexico. The average price of gasoline is $9. 57. Thanks.


Answer by  MichaelMoroschan (120)

You can expect to pay roughly 2. 12 per US gallon in Mexico City and the neighboring areas of Mexico. The reason for the low price is that Mexico subsidizes it gasoline, which on one hand curbs the inflationary prices, however, causes fuel shortages because demand often exceeds the supply.


Answer by  colet (27)

Well the avg price should be around two american dollars. It was around that when i went. Remeber dont drink there water not very good for you. cops are dirt to.


Answer by  xsut (943)

Gasoline prices are set according to the price of oil and other local factors going on in a country's economy. When I checked the gasoline prices as of today were around 2.42USD, this is about the same price as the gasoline in the city that I live. Be aware, that the prices of today can change next month.


Answer by  Bob45 (11)

The average price for gasoline in Mexico is about $2. 12 (in United States dollars) per gallon. In $ per Litre, this amounts to about $0. 56 / l. A lot of Americans who lives near the border cross to Mexico because of the low gas prices in that country. Hope this helps.

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