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Question by  Affan (10)

Why do I hear an intermittent grinding noise in the rear brakes?


Answer by  Johnston (75)

This could be brake shoes grinding on each other because of old or worn out pads, or it could be a piece of hardware loose in the brake drum or by the disc. Get this checked! Safety hazard!


Answer by  worker1884 (44)

If your vehicle has rear disc brakes, it's time to check/replace the rear brake pads. If your vehicle has rear drum brakes, it's time to check/replace the rear brake shoes.


Answer by  Skullwing (746)

If these are rear drum brakes the shoes may be getting worn and grinding in to the metal backing plates. If these are disks most likely your pads are worn out. Back brakes only about stop 30% of the vehicle's weight, so wear sounds will probably be intermittent as long as the front brakes are performing at top capacity.


Answer by  leroy (231)

Grinding is usually an indication that the pads or shoes have worn out and grinding against the rotor or drum. This needs to be checked as soon as possible to avoid further damage.


Answer by  felnus (38)

There a couple of possiblities. The emergency brake may be seized up or not releasing properly and causing the brakes pads to rub. The brakes pads may also be nearing the end of their service life and need replacement and the wear indicators are contacting the brake disc or drum.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well a grinding noise typically indicates a serious problem. I would have a mechanic check it out as soon as possible. It could be a sign that a critical component is on the verge or failing.

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