Question by  joe16 (32)

What are the most fuel efficient vans?

I need a van but want it to be fuel efficient.


Answer by  Coinmasta (130)

The most fuel efficient vans are the ones with the smaller engines, or way the least. Think either a v6 or a 4 cylinder.


Answer by  radualex90 (236)

The most fuel efficient car ( in my opinion ) is the 2010 model Mazda 5. It is a medium sized car with a lot of space for the passagers.It does 22 Mpg in the city and that is a great result for a van.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

I would consider the most fuel efficient vans would be the Dodge Grand Caravans. They are also sporty and they have a great gas mileage. Also you can go with an ethanol (E-85) van and that is the best on gas.


Answer by  SedonaGirl04 (14)

I think any of the hybrid vehicles are the most fuel efficient. But I would recommend Nissan, Toyota, or Honda Hybrid vans.


Answer by  Adrian29 (547)

2010 Mazda 5 Minivan 4 cyl, 2.3 L, Automatic 21 city and 27 Highway miles This is of course a brand new one. If you are looking for used, then I can advise you that the 03 Windstar or 04-06 freestars are decent.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well currently the most fuel efficient van around would probably be Ford's new transit vans. They have a very compact size are very spacious in the cargo area.


Answer by  Samhane (703)

If you can find a van that is a hybrid or cuts the number of cylinders it uses when on the highway to save gas mileage - that would be your best bet. Another alternative would be a van that is diesel. You can run vegetable oil in a diesel and most places give you the oil for free!


Answer by  samman (80)

The most fuel efficient vehicle on the market today would be the Mazda 5 it comes with a 4 cyl, 2.3 L, Manual (5), If you are really looking for a great van with great fuel efficiency and miles per gallon. The Mazda 5 would be your best bet when buying a new van.


Answer by  Squeaks289 (273)

Mini vans are the most efficient of the van genre. Full size vans are gas hogs. Chrysler vans will get 24-30 miles per gallon. Very solid gas mileage for a vehicle with it's capabilities.

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