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What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday?

posted by  fishofhappiness(39)

How can you get a boyfriend when you're fat?

posted by  wwk2009(22)

What are some romantic restaurants in New York City?

posted by  Alison2001(46)

What are symptoms of a crush?

posted by  priyaragunath(36)

What is the definition of a hopeless romantic?

posted by  Ana(28)

What does it mean if a guy has his eyes open when you kiss?

posted by  rob(22)

What are some fun ideas to help me seduce my husband?

posted by  janenecf(23)

Is he attracted to me?

posted by  SensoryMango(12)

How do you make your girlfriend love you more?

posted by  deakinslens(13)

How can I cope with loving a man who is married?

posted by  Marc(35)

What can I do about my husband who is not romantic?

posted by  Susan(179)

How do I know if he is thinking about me?

posted by  schwibb(35)

Where is the best place to meet girls?

posted by  Mrhazmat3aolcom(16)

What are some good, romantic, sexy movies?

posted by  kiki(36)

What are some tips for turning a guy friend into more?

posted by  guysoffer(35)

How do I get the man I'm dating back?

posted by  Goldie24(23)

Can Eharmony really find you love?

posted by  pingpong(46)

What are some good questions to ask someone you like?

posted by  Acjoe(22)

Do white girls like Hispanic men?

posted by  Gary(11)

How can I meet the man of my dreams?

posted by  Yahooosearch(66)

Do we choose who we fall in love with?

posted by  Alli(71)

What is some romantic bedroom furniture?

posted by  worker73(61)

How do you get your dream girl?

posted by  dakmor(35)

Am I destined to be alone forever?

posted by  Two2(1)

What are some romantic destinations in the USA?

posted by  Lala(31)

Is kissing really cheating, should I tell?

posted by  kmmbq(34)

How do you know when a man likes a woman?

posted by  Cheryll(152)

How do you know if you are in love?

posted by  elangoc(18)

Does anyone have success with E-Harmony?

posted by  Gasolina(31)

Does my guy friend love me?

posted by  KendraL(60)

How long should you wait to propose to your girlfriend?

posted by  0162140(7)

Am I still in love with my husband?

posted by  allergymom(26)

What do guys like in girls?

What are some good surprises for Valentine's Day?

posted by  jschunk(43)

Can you see a Virgo and an Aquarius as a couple?

posted by  Majique(26)

Do guys like short women?

posted by  countrygal(164)

How should I initiate a first kiss on a date?

posted by  gigi(14)

What are the symptoms of a teen heartbreak?

posted by  my2cents(264)

How can I talk to a new girl at school?

posted by  Loriannmac3(16)

What should I do if I am confused about love?

posted by  Gretchen(18)

If I meet this guy, will he expect me to call him?

posted by  deedee(19)

What are some romantic ideas for guys?

posted by  stanley(21)

How can I win back love?

posted by  dr84bhl(2789)

what's a good idea for date night?

posted by  nosurface(1)

Does kissing mean that he likes you?

posted by  vlado(27)

What are some ideas for a romantic breakfast?

posted by  josh30(12)

How can I be romantic?

posted by  jkjk19(134)

What are some romantic games?

posted by  Wolverine(42)

What are the signs that my best friend has a crush on me?

posted by  gd2525(28)

I told a boy that I liked him, but now what should I do?

posted by  Zee(20)

What sign makes a good Aries love match?

posted by  Rasa(43)

How can I write a short love poem?

posted by  cierrac(5)

How do you get over a guy you still want to be friends with?

posted by  sb2009(20)

What are some suggestions for a romantic homemade gift?

posted by  worker5579(13)

What is the most romantic country?

posted by  lori25(33)

What is a romantic anniversary idea?

posted by  jennybop(254)

What is an idea for a romantic anniversary?

posted by  francoaraujo(18)

I like this guy, but does he like me?

posted by  Kevin(21)

What are some romantic places to stay in Colorado?

posted by  gdtr(12)

What are some things to say to girls to make them like you?

posted by  Bootsie(36)

What do I do if i like a guy who is already in a relationship?

posted by  Doug(20)

How do I get this girl to like me?

posted by  Anonymous

How do you make her want you again?

posted by  NancyKayJenney(37)

What should I write in a love letter to a girl?

posted by  remixedx3(26)

How do you know if a guy likes you?

posted by  Stanislav(22)

What should I do if i have a crush on my professor?

posted by  cw(43)

What's a romantic wedding anniversary gift?

I can't stop thinking about him, what should I do?

posted by  dwallain(33)

What are some sweet things I can text to my girlfriend?

posted by  enrique(8)

What is a romantic restaurant in San Francisco?

posted by  SavaFiend76(72)

I'm in love with someone, but I'm not allowed to see him. What should I do?

posted by  Anonymous

How do you come to terms with your Soulmate dying?

posted by  stonergirl(4)

What are some romantic gift ideas?

posted by  Zach95(4)

What are some romantic questions to ask your girlfriend?

posted by  Jeenyus(64)

What are some good quotes for a broken heart?

posted by  roxiee(98)

If she fell out of love will it come back?

posted by  CarExpert(23)

What are some good ways to ask a man to marry you?

posted by  jdmjam09(26)

What do I need to know before pursuing a woman online?

posted by  StaceyM(39)

What are the signs of having a crush?

posted by  viva(60)

Guys: Would you kiss someone you have no feelings for?

posted by  Simsim(69)

How do you get a boy to kiss you?

posted by  Luna69(15)

What are some romantic things to do in Oregon?

posted by  ipk(53)

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