Question by  KendraL (60)

Does my guy friend love me?

How do I tell? I think he loves me but I want to know for sure.


Answer by  bjudd (123)

The easiest (and hardest) way to know for sure is to just ask him. Other than that you can tell by whether or not it bothers him seeing you with other guys. If he always dislikes the guy you are seeing and never has anything good to say about them that is usually a sign that he likes you.

Reply by kaot (12):
I wouldn't recommend "testing" a guy this way. You'll be more likely alienate or even hurt him, ruining the friendship. It's pretty unlikely that he will think any less of you for asking him if you're just friends, so I would ask him.  add a comment

Answer by  kherasakshi (124)

First of all you should ask yourself "do you love him"? if yes then try to believe him. You should believe that he loves you too. If you have any doubts you can clear them with him. Some things can make you sure about his love like care. Does he understand you.


Answer by  JustAGirl (25)

If he shows you respect and treats you well, that is a start. Even more telling is if he takes you to meet his family and friends.

Reply by kaot (12):
That was irrelevant to the question.  add a comment

Answer by  MechE (78)

You can tell if someone loves you if their pupil dilate after they stare at you for a while. Pupil dilation means that emotions are felt.


Answer by  Balaji (325)

Ask him about his family. Then make it elaborate and. Then tell him that he is in love with a women and say i am going to get married with that girl. If she loves there will be reaction and will express the love for you

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