Question by  worker73 (61)

What is some romantic bedroom furniture?

I am redoing my house like I want it.


Answer by  gin (366)

I personally love canopy beds with a soft, but thin curtain on it. The more detail on the wood also adds to the appearance of the room. Nothing too much, but some wood work on the dressers, night stands, bed always add a nice touch. A large mirror over the dresser also adds to the room (reflects candles nicely).


Answer by  andreab (17)

Some romantic bedroom furniture could include anything in a white color. It can also be a large bed with a canopy in which you drape flowing white curtains from.


Answer by  missy85 (178)

If you want romantic bedroom furniture, you may want to look into dark woods. A dark cherry finish would create a romantic effect when paired with either dark drapes or white thin drapes and warm colors throughout the room.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

Canopy beds are often considered extremely romantic, especially if the bed has silk sheets on it. Also, anything with a large headboard is romantic as well. There are some popular wooden "sleigh beds," which resemble old-style sleighs on the market, too. These are often expensive, but the look they give is priceless.


Answer by  melissa23 (1002)

I would use red and black trows to put against your bed frame. You can put a little bench on the end of your bed.

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