Question by  Doug (20)

What do I do if i like a guy who is already in a relationship?


Answer by  suze (333)

If you like a guy who is already in a relationship--WALK AWAY! Think about the hurt and pain you'd cause his wife and children. Remember that Dr. Phil says that a relationship based on cheating has less than a 5% chance of working--it's not worth it.


Answer by  workingwoman11 (195)

Stay away from him. If he is willing to cheat emotionally or physically in the relationship that he is already in, then he won't think twice about cheating on you either. Theres plenty of fish in the sea, find another one.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Wait. Do not break up the relationship. You can develop a friendly relationship with this guy so he will know you when his current relationship breaks up. But do not come between him and his girl right now.


Answer by  JohnnyUniteUs (174)

Figure out if you're as attractive to him as his girlfriend. Men are very fickle. If you are as attractive or more, then put the moves on him. Then you can either have him to yourself, or if he wants to have an affair, you can just tell.

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