Question by  guysoffer (35)

What are some tips for turning a guy friend into more?


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Gradually do things with him that are more date oriented than friemd oriented. Plan something romantic but acts surprised that it turned out romantic. Make sure the lights are low. Sit close by him and see what happens.


Answer by  Anna27 (62)

The only way to start a relationship is to tell him that you like him. If he doesn't like you back, there is no way to force him into becoming something more.


Answer by  asg92 (188)

Complement him on how he looks, subtly initiate physical contact like hand-holding. Use body language to communicate your interest in him. Smile at him a lot. Last but not least you could always just tell him how you feel and hope that he feels the same.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

MOst times, a guy knows that a woman (providing that the person asking the question is a woman) is interested in him. However, if he does not know, the easiest was is to tell him that you are interested and find out if he is.


Answer by  saravanan (91)

I think you should question in a more detailed manner. I am guessing your question and answering it here. To make your guy friend more romantic and responsive to your love and affection impress him in all possible ways.


Answer by  Anonymous

More what? More guys? More friendly? More than friends?

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