Question by  Rasa (43)

What sign makes a good Aries love match?


Answer by  AstroWiki (113)

Any sign that can stand up to Aries' level of energy and stamina is a good match. Signs that will help Aries relax are also good. Sagittarius is a good fit. Gemini and sometimes Aquarius are good love matches, helping Aries develop curiosity and being interested in Aries' new activities. Leo makes a better friend than a lover.


Answer by  tanders (30)

Aries represents fire, therefore they are attracted to other fire signs, Saggitarius and Leo's. Just remember, never a dull moment with these pairings. Passion galore, mind melding togetherness, high energy, lots of laughs, intense conversations, finding the deeper meaning of love, life, and work. Serious yet playful, affectionate yet reserved, Enjoy the fire.


Answer by  Erynn (1651)

Leo for mutual respect, but with dominance issues; Gemini for excitement and experiences; Sagittarius for someone you've got a lot in common with only with more feeling; Aquarius for a bit of mischief and irritation. They're all good. You'll want to look in more detail at your other signs for better compatibility.


Answer by  Jennifer94 (238)

The best sign for an Aries match is Gemini. The are both passionate and smart but while Aries is a lead with the heart type her Gemini companion will coolly and calmly let her have her dreams while keeping her centered. They can have very stromy fights but they usually pass as quickly as they came

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