Question by  Alli (71)

Do we choose who we fall in love with?


Answer by  Crystal47 (59)

To a certain extent, we choose the person that we fall in love with. There are certain characteristics that we look for when searching for a mate that will generally give us the type of person that we are looking for. This, however, does not pick the one person that we fall in love with, which requires a deeper connection.


Answer by  Zeenia (53)

I don't think so. Love happens when it has to happen, and with the person it has to happen. All we can do is be open to it and not restrict it. If it has to happen, it will happen and vice-versa.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Yes. We choose to see the traits we like and overlook the ones we don't. The flip side is that we also choose to fall out of love, by focusing on the things we don't like.


Answer by  isabellagallo (117)

In my opinion I feel that the moment we are born we are paired with another person who is our soulmate. Eventually in our lifetime we will find this person. When we do find them it may not be the most opportune time for love.


Answer by  Janarthanan (42)

Love is not a matter of choosing. Its a true feeling which comes from heart. The word "choose" should never be placed in the dictionary of "Love".

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